The Complete Pro Coaching Package!



  • All-inclusive, sustainable coaching that’s tailored to your needs, empowering you to succeed and maintain the success.

    • Exercise? Meditation? Nutrition? Stress relief? Mindfulness? Self-control? Mobility? I’ve got you covered.

  • Stress Management Guidance.

  • Uncomplicated habit-based coaching, coupled with mindfulness and a balanced lifestyle.

  • Learning how to listen to your body’s queues to help you stay consistent.

  • Consistent motivation, support, and accountability.

  • Learning how to have a healthy relationship with food AND with yourself.

  • Consistent monitoring of progress (mental and/or physical).

  • Kitchen set-up assessment (Is your kitchen set up to help you succeed)?

    • How to restock your kitchen and pantry for success.

    • How to have healthy foods ready to eat

    • Ensuring you have the basic tools/equipment for you plan to prepare healthier meals.

    • Creating a grocery list for restocking the kitchen/pantry.

  • Tried and true tips and tricks that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle:

    • eating at restaurants

    • eating at holiday meals and family functions

    • staying on track with a busy life

    • staying on track when traveling or vacationing

    • keeping from getting bored with your nutrition

    • including your family in your journey